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Reviews of the O'Malley Law Office in Denver, Colorado.

“I owe you my life, and my kids owe you their father…Terry is an exceptional attorney…I have never seen a harder working person.”
My husband and I hired Nikea Bland last year as our son’s defense attorney. Ms. Bland went beyond her duties as our son’s attorney. She was informative, always available and most importantly, she really cared. I was very distraught and did not want my son to go to prison for 10 years, which was the potential sentence. Ms. Bland took the time to weed through the complicated nature of our son’s case by requesting documents and thoroughly reviewing them and interviewing crucial people close to the case. Despite the low odds, Ms. Bland was ready and willing to take the case to trial, if it was deemed necessary. Because of Ms. Bland’s integrity, dedication and firm advocacy, the case was settled favorably. We were elated and so was our son. Ms. Bland is a very competent, knowledgeable and effective attorney. She was upfront with us, she informed us of all stages of the proceedings, and advised us of potential risks and benefits. Although my husband and I were not the official clients, Ms. Bland was accessible to my son and us, at all time. I was also very impressed with the compassionate way that we were treated, and we will forever be grateful for her kindness and willingness to help us. We highly recommend Ms. Bland to anyone that seeks an attorney with integrity, experience, knowledge, and one who has her clients’ best interest at heart; an attorney of this quality is a rare find.5-stars

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Our family is very grateful to the O’Malley Law Office! Gregg was so persistent with our case and the end result was what we wanted. He was truly concerned about our situation, continuously updated me, and genuinely gave it his all to accomplish our goal. I am forever grateful as the result of our case affected our family for the rest of our lives.5-stars
Aspen R.
From my first contact with Nikea, I knew I was led to her to take on my case. Our initial consultation was thorough and her guidance was in my best interest legally and financially. She made herself promptly available when my situation became urgent and she acted quickly to protect my rights. When I became very emotional and reactive about the case, she was excellent in redirecting me to stay focused on our goals for truth and justice in our outcome. If in the future I ever have a need for her service specialties as an attorney, I will not hesitate to contact her.5-stars
Civil Rights Client
Nikea was a great lawyer for my family’s situation. She was very attentive and thorough. She was very knowledgeable and she never neglected our needs. She keeps in constant contact with her clients and is very assertive in accomplishing needed tasks. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance.5-stars
We had the best experience with Terry O’Malley and his entire office. Terry went the extra mile to take care of us. He did an amazing job with all the pretrial preparation and dedicated a lot of his time to our case. He kept in touch with us and kept us up to date on everything that was happening. He did an awesome job in the courtroom and had a very powerful closing which led us to a well deserved Not Guilty verdict for someone that was wrongly accused!! Can’t thank Terry, Gregg and Jennifer enough for all their help. They really cared about us. We highly recommend Terry O’Malley to represent you. My husband and I can’t thank him enough. He is one person that will work hard for you to win your case. We’ll never forget Terry and we feel like he is a part of our family now. He gave us our lives back!5-stars
Janet M.

Kyle Sawyer was incredibly compassionate regarding my situation and personal safety (both physical and mental), while maintaining objectivity. He offered relevant legal perspective with respect and insight. After my initial consultation with Mr. Sawyer, the stress and concern I had regarding this situation (protection order hearing) significantly decreased. Mr. Sawyer made it clear he had my best interest in mind repeatedly through his actions during our conversations as well as in court. This situation came at a particularly difficult and stressful time in my life…without Mr. Sawyer’s compassionate professional assistance, I would have had to take a leave of absence…delaying my ability to obtain employment. It is with incredible sincerity that I extend my thanks to him and am motivated to let you know what an impressive job he is doing. If the opportunity arises, I will highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.5-stars
Michelle D – DVM, PhD, MS
After initially meeting with Nikea Bland in order to review my child abuse case, I trusted her knowing the possible outcome. She asked the appropriate questions and gave professional legal advise. Her communication skills were excellent. She always returned my calls when I left messages with the receptionist or her cell phone voice mail and she communicated with me regarding new or updated information via a phone call or my secure email address. Nikea also communicated with my witnesses using arranged and necessary means. Nikea was on time and came prepared to all of the arranged court and pretrial meetings. She was willing to meet with me as many times necessary in order to become sufficient with all necessary details. She also made her schedule flexible enough to meet with my witnesses and I for office meetings. After meeting and getting to know Nikea during this process I became to know that all though she was an attorney, and she worked for money as we all do, the money was not her priority. She cared about myself and my kids. She also took pride in working hard and precise for me. Nikea did what was necessary to see that justice was served including communicating with the DA’s until she got my case dropped.5-stars
When my teenage son was arrested I began looking for Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers right away. I spoke with a dozen or so over the phone and met with a few in person. None of them came across as having what I was looking for, which was the Professional Compassion needed to handle a case as sensitive and serious as my sons. When I spoke with Nikea I knew I had found the right lawyer right away. She was very respectful, and empathetic to my state of mind dealing with all the stress of the first few days after the arrest. She gave me some very reassuring facts about the reality of cases similar to my sons and possible outcomes, good or bad. She met with my son and I together but treated him with the utmost respect and made it very clear to him that her job was to look out for his best interest and provide him with the best defense possible. She made him feel like he wasn’t alone in his struggle to prove his innocence anymore. She is very knowledgable and has been very proactive, recommending some great professionals for case related needs ( evaluations & court ordered therapies) as well. She keeps us informed on where we are in the process of the case and what we need to do next. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how much easier it is to find our way through the judicial system now that we have the right Navigator on our side.5-stars
A Juvenile Client
I had an excellent experience with Nikea Bland. She met with me to review the discovery and discussed the process with me every step of the way. She really cares and spent a great deal of time making sure that I understood every stage of the legal process. Ultimately, based on my prior inconsistent testimony contradicting what a witness said to the police, she was able to get my case dismissed. She did a great job!!5-stars
Domestic Violence Client
Hey Kyle. Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for all of your help and support in getting this issue resolved. Our entire family greatly appreciated it. You really made H. at ease as well as all of the rest of us. You are a great guy and it was a pleasure getting to meet you and work with you. I truly was amazed at your patience with us and listening to our crazy long story from the get go and into the late night.5-stars
Terry O’Malley worked day and night to fight against two government lawyers who tried to convict me of a crime I did not commit. They wanted to put me in prison for ten years to life. I served as a church worship leader, when a troubled girl I mentored accused me of sexually abusing her, and before I knew it I was talking with police trying to prove my innocence. Little did I know they were using every word against me for their use in court. I urge you…DO NOT TALK WITH THE POLICE!! They want to convict you and they are NOT your friends!!! We all think to ourselves, if we did nothing wrong, surely we should be able to talk to police and get to the truth! I am so sad to tell you that they are not the white hats society makes them out to be. They get promoted for convictions folks, and they don’t care if your innocent. Terry is gifted and very thorough. Before deliberation, Terry was complimented by the judge. He told Terry his work is the best he had ever seen in his courtroom. I remember Terry’s staff assisting him during my five day trial, pulling out documents for my defense as fast as the DA could hurl accusations against me. It was confirmed, for me, in that moment. I was in the best hands I could be in for the fight for my life. I am forever grateful for Terry O’Malley and his staff..there is not a day that goes by without thanking God for sending this warrior to fight for my freedom. Today, my children have their mother home with them, and I am totally free to do what I was called to do. Verdict…NOT GUILTY!
Terry is an excellent, intelligent, very experienced attorney who really cares about his clients. Originally I hired an attorney who told me I had less than 10% chance of winning my case. I ended up letting him go and went with Terry based on a referral by my father in law. I spoke with Terry and he told me my case would be difficult, but that he thought he could win the case. After I hired Terry, I noted that he seemed to know all the players. He knew most of the Jefferson County Prosecutors and Judges and seemed to have an excellent working relationship with each. He knew their mannerisms, their personalities and most importantly, he knew their legal tactics. He could often predict what they would do or say. This made it easier for Terry to negotiate critical issues. Terry picked up my case 3 weeks before trial. At first he was reluctant to take it due to the difficulty and the short time before trial. However, he saw that I was innocent and promised to work very hard to win the case. I found his promise was minimal compared to his actual effort. I know he stayed up very late most every night in preparation for my trial. I even became slightly concerned for his health in this regard. After seeing this gentleman work, I can honestly say, I have never seen a harder working person. In the end, the case was won after 2 weeks of trial. The 12 jurors were all in my favor, they even came up and shook my hand. Terry is an exceptional attorney, a workaholic and a good friend. I owe you my life and my kids owe you their father. I wish there was more I could do for you Terry.5-stars
The O’Malley Law Office was answered prayer from the first phone call from Mr. Hearn, to an after hours call from Terry O’Malley. Never knew one minute of unease after speaking to someone who followed through with everything we discussed. Terry promised that he would look into our case and advise accordingly. He called me after meeting my son and advised that he thought things would go well. Although, ultimately, Mr. O’Malley didn’t represent my son at the Hearing, he wanted to know the outcome and I was so grateful for his assurances. For all the bad news we hear about internet abuses, I feel totally confident that I was led to an honest criminal defense attorney. The O’Malley Law Office made a really POSITIVE impact on our life. Thank you Terry, Greg, and Jennifer, you never gave me false expectations and I know I got the very best. May God Bless!5-stars
Darlene G.

Thank you to O’Malley Law firm and my attorney Kyle Sawyer. When I was wrongly accused of a crime by the police I met with Kyle and after speaking with him I knew that he was the person to handle my case. Kyle kept and delivered on all promises. Kyle told me that he didn’t think that my case would even make it to trial and he was correct on that account too. He was a very knowledgeable attorney and I feel lucky to have him and O’Malley represent me. On one specific occasion the Ft. Lupton Police attempted to violate my Maranda Rights and Kyle was in court. I called his office and Terry O’Malley picked up the ball in Kyle’s absence and stopped them dead in their tracks. I mention this because I believe that this office will take care of any needs that arise even if one of their lawyers are occupied. Once again I would highly recommend the O’Malley Law Firm and especially Kyle Sawyer. He is honest and compassionate.”


David Maddox