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Choose a criminal offense from the list below to learn more about what you need to do to protect your future in the Denver, Adams, and Jefferson County areas.


Read more about Arson charges, as well as the following charges:

1st Degree Arson
2nd Degree Arson
3rd Degree Arson
4th Degree Arson

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Attempt / Inchoate Crime

Learn more about Inchoate crimes, including:

Criminal Attempt

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Read more about Assault charges, including the following:

1st Degree Assault
2nd Degree Assault
3rd Degree Assault

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Read more about Burglary and what to do if you’ve been charged.
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Child Abuse

Read about Child Abuse accusations and charges in Colorado.
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Criminal Mischief

Learn more about Criminal Mischief (property damage) charges.
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Crimes against At-Risk Persons

Read more about crimes against at-risk persons in CO.
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Cruelty to Animals

Learn more about Animal Cruelty charges and accusations.
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Disorderly Conduct

Learn more about Disorderly Conduct.
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Domestic Violence

Learn more about the sentence-enhancer of Domestic Violence, including the following:

DV Civil Assists
Intimate Relationship
DV and Firearms
Protection Orders
DV Treatment
Role of Advocates

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Drug Crimes

Learn more about drug charges, including:

Cocaine Possession
Ecstasy Possession
Marijuana Possession

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Fraud / Forgery

Learn more about Fraud and Forgery charges, including the following:

Casino Fraud
Check Fraud
Identity Theft

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Internet Sex Crimes

Learn more about sex crimes on the internet, including:

Enticement of a Child
Internet Luring of a Child
Sexual Exploitation of a Child

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Police Involved Crimes

Read about crimes against police officers, including:

2nd Degree Assault on an Officer
False Reporting
Resisting Arrest

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Restraining Orders

Read about Restraining / Protection Orders in CO, including:

Civil Restraining Orders
Criminal Protection Orders

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Theft Charges

Learn more about Theft charges.
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Learn more about Trespass charges, including:

1st Degree Trespass
2nd Degree Trespass
3rd Degree Trespass

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Witness / Victim Crimes

Learn more about crimes against victims or witnesses in a criminal case, including:


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